Chapel View
Farm and Stable


West Bend, WI

Where you and the
creatures great and small co-exist

The Chapel View Tour

Put on your boots and take walk around the farm. Let us know if we can answer any questions.


The gardens are definitely a work in progress but with a very focused plan as to where we want them to go. With the greenhouse getting ready for 2023, we will be able to grow many of our own food crops and treats for all the animals and birds. Meanwhile, with all the compost we create, we are helping fortify the soil, the gardens and the abundance of fruits and vegetables and flowers are our reward! While things are still blooming and producing,……. We always like to bring friends and family through these areas.

Animals of all kinds!

All of our amazing animals love the attention, but, don’t let our llamas fool you they love attention as much as our Lincoln Longwool sheep! Our assistants are four adorable barn cats who want to steal the show. We would like to invite you to take the tour with us. The tour we take every day around some of the most wonderful animals ever. We will show you where they live, what they eat and if you’re lucky, it might just be feeding time when you arrive. So please, come and enjoy the sites, sounds and faces of Chapel View Farms.

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When booking please specify how many people will be in your party and let us know in detail in your message to us. 

Our Farm Tours are guided and an hour long, we can accommodate small groups and large groups, you do have the option that if we are not booked for the time after you’re scheduled then you may extend your tour if your group is a larger one. Any other questions you may use the form below to contact us.