Giant Dewlap Toulouse Geese

The key to producing this breed that represent the standard is breeding selectively and pairing the best of pedigrees to ensure maximum results.

Our Geese Breeding Program

Over the past 6 years we have put together this flock from qualified breeders and judges from across this country and even added imported lines to strengthen our program so that each gosling we produce is of the highest quality. And that we guarantee to all our clients.

When we Ship

Unlike a Hatchery we never ship Day Old Goslings. We raise our birds up to 10-14 days prior to shipping. We make sure they are perfect in every way and we only ship perfect birds. They are up eating, drinking and when they leave here they have straight legs, proper foot placement and are completely used to being handled and loved on.

Traveling in Style

We ship overnight express and we fill the cartons with amazing green, leafy greens to keep them totally hydrated during their overnight/2 day journey. We also photograph and video each gosling prior to shipping and send the clients all of the photos, videos and shipping documentation as soon as we have your order in route to you. Your shipment, and precious cargo, are tracked many times each day until they reach their destination.

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What They Are Saying!

The true gauge of our effort is the size of our client’s smile

Stefanie and David Dugan


Ranger is a star and getting treated like one by his 3 kid owners ! Grumpy Gitcher the griff is still trying to sort this guy out! Thank you for this amazing, well loved and spirited little boy! 

Katherine Fisher

Dewlap Toulouse Goose

Larry and Alex have taken the time to go over every step of the ordering and shipping process, discussed feed programs, housing, even breeding. My birds from Chapel View have produced some amazing young that have placed very high at several large shows.

Purchase, Ordering and Shipping

Policy and Provisions as of Feb 1, 2019

Chapel View Farms is always looking for ways to make the ordering and shipping process for our clients as seamless as possible. We have laid out the process for ordering Geese from our Farm and what to expect along the way. In order to continually improve this process we encourage suggestions or improvements we can make for you.

When you order from Chapel View please keep in mind the following items. Understanding these items will help to ensure that your order is smooth and enjoyable.

The first item Chapel View would like you to know is one that is an utmost priority to us. When placing an order please understand that we do everything in our power to make sure you get the BEST Birds possible! We work tirelessly to acquire and Breed some of the top Giant Dewlap Toulouse in the U.S. for our breeding program.

Keep in mind that you are ordering LIVE BIRDS and things can and will happen but we reserve the right to DELAY or PUSH BACK ANY SHIPMENT until the birds ordered are perfect for shipping. Also know we will NO LONGER OFFER ANY TYPE OF REFUND until we have exhausted all possibilities to offer the BEST we have for your order FROM OUR SIDE OF THE TRANSACTION. With this in mind make sure you are willing to wait for the best birds and SHIPPING TIME available. In all cases the buyer and seller should desire to put the Health and Quality of your new Birds over all else.

We will be offering 2019 hatched Goslings as “week-old (up to 10 to 14 days old as a rule) started goslings”, they will be sexed and perfect. WE NEVER WILL SHIP DAY OLD GOSLINGS. We will also hope to have older birds available throughout the Summer and into Fall But that would depend on filling orders and where our sex/color ratio falls during breeding season.

If you are looking for SHOW STOCK, it is better to wait until we can best assess conformation and type. We offer starter birds, single sexed pairs for “pets”, breeding quality pairs/trios and we offer what we feel are Exhibition quality birds based on our evaluation and the evaluation of other breeders that help us go over our foundation breeding stock! We have been raising and breeding Registered Livestock for over 30 years with many, MANY Regional Grand Champions, National Grand Champions, Get of Sire Awards, Best of Breeds, Group Placements and even numerous “Best in Show” placements.

After researching and acquiring this breed 5 years ago, we needed to get our feet wet owning, breeding, hatching, raising and feeding the BEST possible feed we could find and talking to judges and other qualified breeders as to our path forward. So, after understanding this we will work with you to our best ability to make your experience getting birds from us a priority!

We will ship goslings up to 4 weeks old through USPS. Show Quality birds will not be guaranteed in younger birds; but you WILL PROBABLY get lucky! After that age, will have pick-up at the farm or we will ship through Delta Airlines which will allow counter pickup at your local airport. The cost is not that much more and the birds will only be in the crates for a few hours, rather than possibly days in the mail! These birds are just too important to be “lost” in the mail.

IN 2018 we had two separate instances where two goslings died in transit. We have offered to replace both of those birds from 2019 stock. (Clients are responsible for shipping/carton costs) We also had two cartons of goslings that were lost in the USPS system and the only thing we hoped for is that they received a good home somewhere. Again, in that case, new goslings were shipped to the awaiting clients.

Now we are getting ready to start pairing for 2019 breeding season. Good luck everyone! And remember – NUTRITION IS KEY in this breed! Do not skimp on inferior feed just because they are “geese”. They are worth what is important for their massive and quick development!!!

So, now that you have read how we will work with you:

  • All clients moving forward will have to agree to us in message/fax that they have read this, are fully understanding our rules and at that time we can then move forward with your order.
  • There are 9 clients from 2018 that will be receiving their orders before anyone that has ordered since August 2018.
  • Many will still be receiving 2018 goslings now that we are nearly done pairing up the appropriate birds to fill certain orders. once those orders are complete we will then move to 2019 customers.
  • Lastly if anyone is still questioning the timing of their order and when delivery might take place, our number is and always has been 262.389.9642. give a call and we can walk you through options for shipping/delivery and include photos/videos of your birds prior to sending them.

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