Green Peafowl

The key to producing this breed that represent the standard is breeding selectively and pairing the best of pedigrees to ensure maximum results

Our Green Peafowl Program

We have decided to bring in 100 percent pure green peafowl to start another line and will keep these birds separate with DNA profiles and microchips so there is never a question of which are the import birds and which are the project greens.

Starting Early

My fascination with peafowl started in junior high, on a trip to the Waverley plantation in Columbus, Mississippi. Onsite aviaries teemed with some of the rarest,most beautiful pheasants and birds anywhere, including three green peacocks. Haunting and exotic calls filled the air. I was hooked. 

For many years after, I only raised traditional blue and white peafowl, and they did extremely well. They laid many eggs and brought their babies onto the lawn for all to see. These “common colors” felt safe because they didn’t need special treatment as I had heard the green peafowl required. So as much as I desired to own and breed green peafowl, I knew my limitations and kept the idea on the back burner.

Here Come the Greens

After 35 years, my desire to raise the green variety became a reality. We collected breeding stock from all over the country and work toward producing green peafowl with the pure-bred pheno-type but with resilience and hardiness of their blue and white cous-ins. Wisconsin has weeks of sub-freezing temperatures, and snowand ice are not conducive to birds that like tropical temperatures. I wanted the look, but not necessarily the pedigree.

Things Get Interesting

With the addition of the Spalding peafowl — a cross between a pure green (Pavo muticus) and India blue (Pavo cristatus) — I looked for birds with a phenotype that better matched the pure greens: more length of leg, length of neck; straight, erect, elongated crests that differ greatly from the fan-shaped crest of the India blue. I also paid attention to feathers and colors. 

A Bit About Green Peafowl?

Pure green peafowl have scallop-shaped neck and body feathers; they look like medallions glistening in the sun. The India blue neck and body feathers are softer and suppler and blend beautifully, giving a single-textured appearance. Keeping these traits in mind, we focused on breeding more hardiness into the green stock to withstand colder tempera-tures. The percentage of “blue blood” in the green stock must be done carefully to maintain the pure green peacock phenotype.

Pedigree, parents, and other ancestors are important in knowing what ingredients you have moving forward. Our husbandry practices tell us we are moving in the right direction.

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What They Are Saying!

The true gauge of our effort is the size of our client’s smile

Stefanie and David Dugan


Ranger is a star and getting treated like one by his 3 kid owners ! Grumpy Gitcher the griff is still trying to sort this guy out! Thank you for this amazing, well loved and spirited little boy! 

Katherine Fisher

Dewlap Toulouse Goose

Larry and Alex have taken the time to go over every step of the ordering and shipping process, discussed feed programs, housing, even breeding. My birds from Chapel View have produced some amazing young that have placed very high at several large shows.

Purchase, Ordering and Shipping

Policy and Provisions as of Feb 1, 2019

Chapel View Farms is always looking for ways to make the ordering and shipping process for our clients as seamless as possible. We have laid out the process for ordering Peacocks from our Farm and what to expect along the way. In order to continually improve this process we encourage suggestions or improvements we can make for you.

Our Green Peafowl may be ordered in advance to insure you are on the list for birds from a certain season and from certain Green lines we have. Or you may simply look over our sales list as posted of the birds we will have available.

We ship Nationwide overnight express to every zip code and that includes Canada and Puerto Rico.

We ship Peafowl after they reach 3 months of age. Pairs ship overnight express for an estimated $85 plus the cost of the shipping carton, around $20. We video the birds prior to shipping so you know exactly what you are getting and we also do photos and video of the shipment and send you that information along with your Tracking Numbers usually within an hour after they are shipped.

30 Day guarantee on all orders, IT IS WITH THIS GUARANTEE WE HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND our commitment to quality and furthering good will in this breed and just as importantly satisfying our new Bird friends.

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