Saddlebred Stable

The American Saddlebred is referred to as the “Horse America Made”. Averaging 15 to 17 hands Saddlebreds are known for their Unbreakable Spirit and Presence in all aspects of their life.

Our Saddlebred Stable Breeding Program

This elegant Saddlebred is intelligent, happy and curious. Naturally gifted in almost every aspect that is wanted in a companion to ride and bond with. From the perfect pasture beauty to a forever trail horse to that one in a million show horse, the American Saddlebred is the perfect all-around equine for just about everyone.


Beauty comes to mind when we think about our Saddlebreds. This breed is known for its intelligence and curiosity while being very aware to its surroundings. Saddlebreds are also known for their amazing natural gait and their stamina, both in and out of the show ring. It is one of the few breeds that you can determine their “talent” but simply looking at their pedigrees. Talent breeds talent………but beauty also breeds beauty and American Saddlebreds have captured the eyes and hearts of their followers and have even been called the “Peacocks” of the pastures as they prance around giving their owners and onlookers a SHOW right there in the paddocks.


Our small group of mares and young talented stallions have been gathered by simply watching, listening and learning about this breed while keeping an eye out for temperament and disposition which this breed is famous for. Praised for being an incredible athlete the Saddlbred is a wonderful horse that you can easily bond with. The relationship is key and we feel that we have smart thinking horses with the pedigrees to back them up.

Quality over Quantity

Chapel view is blessed to have a small but great group of clients that now have our kids and they are doing amazing things for and with their new owners. Are we a “Show Barn”…, not at all. However we do feel we have the pedigrees and the talent in our horses to be able to be trained and compete on just about any level. Or, in many cases, having that forever horse to love, groom, ride and keep the trails happy for many, many years to come.

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What They Are Saying!

The true gauge of our effort is the size of our client’s smile

Stefanie and David Dugan


Ranger is a star and getting treated like one by his 3 kid owners ! Grumpy Gitcher the griff is still trying to sort this guy out! Thank you for this amazing, well loved and spirited little boy! 

Katherine Fisher

Dewlap Toulouse Goose

Larry and Alex have taken the time to go over every step of the ordering and shipping process, discussed feed programs, housing, even breeding. My birds from Chapel View have produced some amazing young that have placed very high at several large shows.

Purchase, Ordering and Shipping

Policy and Provisions as of Feb 1, 2019

Chapel View Farms is always looking for ways to make the ordering and shipping process for our clients as seamless as possible. We have laid out the process for ordering Horses from our Farm and what to expect along the way. In order to continually improve this process we encourage suggestions or improvements we can make for you.

Please Note: Purchases are done only under contract.

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