Chapel View's
Wedding Venue

West Bend, WI

Come, Visit, and plan a wonderful wedding

"A Wonderful Vista"

With a combination of 50 years experience in high-end wedding floral and photography, our advancement in moving forward to create this amazing venue for weddings, gatherings and events is coming to fruition here at Chapel view farm. Feel free to stop out, give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for in a space for that special event. From our chapels to our groomed trails, ponds and pastures, flower gardens and adorable livestock…….. This might just be the laid-back, country style venue you’ve been looking for.

We have a plethora of wonderful creatures for you to enjoy!

We have plenty of options, if you so wish, to include in your wedding! From laid back Llamas to Horses you have a range of options to choose from.  

Grow your own flowers!

Here at Chapel View we have Gardens where you have the ability to grow your own flowers! What better option to have the flowers you want without the stress of whether or not the wholesalers have the available flowers. You can discuss with us if this could be an option for you.

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