Chapel View
Farm & Stable

Welcome to the about us page where you can sit back, relax and enjoy reading our story.


A little about Chapel View

An Exciting Challenge

From the beginning we knew that this farm was going to be both a ton of fun, and a challenge and a half – but we were up for it! Working with an historic 1884 Wisconsin Cream City Brick home and vintage barns was right up our alley and with basically a blank slate we knew that we could develop this farm into just about anything we wanted. 

Our Humble Beginnings

So the work began several years ago and within a short period of time we were up and running with the variety and quality of animals and birds we had planned for.

Selection & Transformation

Selecting the animals and birds for our farm was more art than science as we were able to acquire the breeding and show stock we have been dreaming of for quite some time. While the farm underwent some pretty massive transformations (and still is!) we were able to get started with our programs and the livestock was working right along with us.

A Birds-eye view of Chapel View
Offspring & Landscapes

Soon everything was starting to come together as babies were being born, hatched and delivered at pretty much the same time that fences were going up, barns were being renovated with new electrical lines, water lines, new foundations, barn roofs, landscaping and daily projects all while tending to all of the “Critters” we had acquired. Hard work which repaid us daily with animal affections and amusements.

Fine Tuning & Augmentation

As we now start year 5 working on this project we keep fine tuning our breeding programs, acquire new lines and pedigrees and continue to make each season better than the one before it. From the Griffons to the Horses, the Geese, peafowl and other new excitement coming in 2019, we wake every day with the drive, excitement and determination to forge ahead and make this the best little farm possible.

Our True Passion

And it doesn’t hurt to be able to kiss horses, play with dogs, cuddle baby kittens, goslings and spend even a few moments watching the peafowl preen their amazing feathers……………and we tell everyone that it is what life is made of…………… if you just have the passion to make it happen!

Have more questions?

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